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I didn't go to Cal Arts.


I studied illustration at Cal State Long Beach, and I studied filmmaking in the movie theaters. (I have a degree in one of those fields.)


I was able to use my skills to earn a storyboarding position on The Simpsons. Immediately my education in animation started, training under the great artists there like Rich Moore, Wes Archer and David Silverman.


After The Simpsons, I was able to work on The Ren and Stimpy Show, which provided an education in working on outline driven cartoons. I was hooked. I spent the next years working to develop the skills to be a director, and landed my first job on Duckman.


Since then I have been directing and supervising series, always with an emphasis on putting good acting and good staging on the screen. I work with my crews to always look for what's funniest, what's the most emotionally honest, what's the most exciting... what's the best version of this that we can get on the screen.



Working from a script or outline, I plan and draw all the staging and acting for a scene or show. Special attention is paid to the needs of the material; is it humorous, dramatic, action, or some or all of the above? Nothing is ever an automatic answer, every scene deserves special attention. I like thoughtful staging. I like real acting, no matter what the show is. I don't like 

The Simpsons

Ren & Stimpy

Little Dracula


In charge of whole episodes, I work very hands-on with my storyboard artists, storyboarding what I can myself. Many new artists need guidance in filmmaking, acting, comedy staging, etc. I also work with designers, timers, editors and sometimes post production to get the best show on the screen.

Ren and Stimpy


The Wild Thornberrys


How Murray Saved Christmas



Same as my Directing duties, but I also oversee the other directors, serving as the overseer and go-between for them and the writers/producers. Make sure acting, staging and other esthetics are consistent for all episodes.

Baby Blues (unaired season)

Drawn Together


Sit Down/Shut Up

Napoleon Dynamite







Supervising Director 



Working closely with Matt Groening, a new look for this show was developed. He wanted a much richer look for this than his other shows have. Also, a more cinematic approach to the staging and overall storytelling was requested. This meant a lot of work with the storyboard artists and directors to step away from our comfort zone and push the filmmaking further than we had before. I'm very proud of what we accomplished.


I was also able to direct two episodes of the show.

Clip from Episode 107. Directed by me.





  1998-2003  Seasons 1-4  

Supervising Director 

  2010 - 2013   Seasons 5-9    

I storyboarded on Episode One of this series and directed Episode Two. From that point on, this was one of my favorite shows to be a part of. Exciting science fiction concepts along with character driven humor, lots of exciting action and robots. As a director, I was very lucky to get some great scripts. As the Supervising Director I got to work on all episodes with my Directors to figure out how to show Planets narrowly avoiding each other, Space Ship Street Races, 2-Dimensions Worlds, Fractal Worlds, ADD ADD ADD ADD


Animatic opening for Epsiode 607- The Late Philip J Fry. Storyboard by me.

Episodes Directed

213  Bender Gets Made

302  Parasites Lost

311  Insane in the Mainframe

408  Crimes of the Hot

417 Spanish Fry

102  The Series has Landed

105  Fear of a Bot Planet

110  A Flight to Remember

204  X-Mas Story

607 The Late Philip J Fry

626 Reincarnation

707 The Six Million Dollar Mon

727  Meanwhile





Working with Mike Reiss, author of the book, I oversaw all aspects of this NBC Christmas Special. We worked hard to design a very lush looking show, with a warm Christmassy feel. I love working on musical numbers so this was a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to have our very best storyboard artists be available to work on it. We were to integrate 3D elements to make the sleigh flying scenes look great. There are even some 3D elves in it! I'm very happy with how this show came out.



Supervising Director 


Working with creator Jared Hess, and Showrunner Mike Scully, much effort was spent on trying to honor the feel of the original movie. Ultimately the network pushed the show into some other directions, but I still feel we put some nice work up on the screen. While I was not able to direct any of the episodes, I did direct the pilot.

Pilot Clip



Supervising Director 

2004 - 2007

A parody of The Real World, set in a house with seven characters from seven different genres of animation, this was a really fun show to do. We all loved working with the different styles and throwing in animation in jokes where we could. Like on  Duckman, I found a lot of freedom from the producers to add and push things where we could. I was very lucky with the episodes that  got to direct, and am very happy with what I was able to do with them.

Captain Hero Tantrum. One of the housemates is a Superman type character, Captain Hero. In this episode we got to visit his Hero Cave and he faked a tantrum. I wanted a super powered gag, and came up with the idea of him flying back and forth through the kitchen. I was very happy with how this came out.


Episodes Directed

101  Hot Tub (Pilot)

000  The Other Cousin

000  Super Nanny

000  A Very Special Drawn

Together After School Special

000 Lost in Parking Space Pt 1

000  Breakfast Food Killer



Director 1993-1995

My first Directing gig (other than one episode of Red and Stimpy.) Duckman was a well written show, with a lot of opportunities for creative film-making. I worked hard to make every one of my shows special. I wanted to push my staging and acting further than I had been able to as just a storyboard artist, since as a director I could follow ideas through to their end.

The Once and Future Duck. In this episode, through a science fiction gimmick, Duckman is being visited by future incarnations of himself, showing how his future is directly affected by his current actions. His decisions now cause future hims to be a vagrant, a billionaire, a psychopathic killer, or who-knows-what-else. At this point, the future versions are appearing more and more frequently, and he is getting more and more frazzled. I wanted a very active camera for this section and a sense of him being surrounded and building tension leading up to the end. It's one of my favorite episodes. 

101  A Room with a Bellevue

101  Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat

101  From Brad to Worse

101  Haunted Society Plumbers




Story Artist 1993-1995

Director: Stimpy's Fan Club

I was a Story Artist starting on Season Two of this great show, starting with the classic episode, Stimpy's First Fart. I worked for about 9 months at Spumco and then stayed with the show when it went to Games Animation, where I got to direct Stimpy's Fan Club and board more episodes, like I Love Chicken and Ren's Pecs.


Story Artist 1990-2004

My first animation job. I started on Season Two. I came in very green, but immediately started learning everything I could about the art and mechanics of an animated show. 

Episodes Storyboarded

(Usually just one Act. Not complete episodes)

Simpson and Delilah

Dancing' Homer

Bart the Daredevil

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish

Bart's Dog Gets an "F"

Old Money

The War of the Simpsons

Three Men and a Comic Book

Blood Feud

When Flanders Failed

Bart the Murderer

Homer Defined

Saturdays of Thunder

I Married Marge

Homer Alone

Homer Badman

Fear of Flying

Bart's Comet

Homer vs Patty and Selma

A Star is Burns

Lisa's Wedding

The Springfield Connection

Who Shot Mr Burns? Part Two

Radioactive Man

Bart Sells his Soul

The Otto Show

Bart's Best Friend Falls in Love

Kamp Krusty

A Streetcar Named Marge

Sideshow Bob Roberts

Bart's Girlfriend

Treehouse of Horror VI

Lisa Gets an "A"

Old Yeller-Belly

Moe Baby Blues

The President Wore Pearls

'Tis the Fifteenth Season

Diatribe of a Mad Housewife

Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Smart and Smarter

The Wandering Juvie

Simple Simpson

The Way We Weren't 

Bart-Mangled Banner

Treehouse of Horror XV

All's Fair in Oven War

Fat Man and Little Boy



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